NAPS Abundant Life Academy

About NAPS Abundant Life Academy

NAPS began working in the Black Belt region in 2010 through tutoring programs and building projects. While working in this area, volunteers noticed discrepancies in the community. One major disparity was the educational need in the area. The following are some shockingly surreal statistics that were found: -60 percent of schools in the area are failing, -98 percent of the students are not ready for college Math, -95 percent are of the students not ready for college Science, -60 percent of those graduating high school are not ready for college English, Based on these observations, NAPS was inspired to construct an elementary school, NAPS Abundant Life Academy (NALA), in 2013. The school was developed due to the request from NAPS volunteers, and the overwhelming need for better education, in the Black Belt regions of Alabama and Mississippi.